4 Things Homeowners are Doing To Save a Small Fortune

#1 - No More Monthly Mortgage Payments?

It’s true, no more monthly mortgage payments are required with a reverse mortgage; the homeowners only have to pay for maintenance, property taxes, homeowners insurance and, if required, their HOA fees. They’re simply an effective way for folks 62 and older to get the cash they need to enjoy their retirement. Unfortunately, many homeowners who could benefit from a reverse mortgage don’t even bother to get more information due to rumors they’ve heard. You may be pleasantly surprised by what you discover when you realize all of the financial options now available for retirees. This valuable information is free so you might as well check it out.

#2- Homeowners Get $3,252/year Taken Off Their Mortgage With The New Federal "Relief Program" This July

More homeowners are remodeling their homes thanks to the money they are saving with these programs. Check If You Qualify In 60 Seconds...
America makes a "mysteriously forgotten" stimulus re-emerge, which can get millions of middle-class Americans up to $99,434 For Home Improvements. These are programs that has been in place since the earlier Administration. But all these years, it has been rarely talked about and the could help lots of home owners. They just made it re-surface and is fully backing it up, urging homeowners to take advantage. Homeowners will now be able to reduce their monthly mortgage bills and get a cash out payment for much needed home repairs. (If you qualify)

#3 - Protect Your Home

With rising unemployment and economic uncertainty comes an increase in property crimes like burglary and theft. There's no better deterrent and protection than a world class home alarm system. ADT provides a state-of-the-art smart home alarm system that makes you feel protected when you're at home and lets you have peace of mind for when you're not. As a special offer for our readers, ADT is providing $850 worth of equipment for $0. But it gets even better: you'll get peace-of-mind home protection, a ton of free equipment (including a really convenient wireless remote), AND a $100 Visa gift card from Protect Your Home. There's no reason not to get a free quote and protect your possessions and loved ones as soon as today.


#4 - Why Are Homeowners Ditching Their Home Insurance For This?

Do not pay your next home insurance bill until you read this report. Millions of homeowners are now eligible to save as much as $536 per year with this new technology that just became available to all Americans. News outlets are calling this the 'Uber of Home Insurance' for its easy to use platform and immense savings over traditional methods. Stop overpaying for your home insurance. Get the same level of coverage (and potentially lower your deductible), from the highest rated providers, all at a significant savings. Don't let the big insurance companies win again. Act now and claim your savings.