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A New Medicare Plan Can Save Pennsylvania Seniors Thousands

– A staggering *90% of seniors are paying over $5,000 a year on out of pocket medical expenses – but MedigapPrices is changing that.

Did you know some lucky seniors can save thousands of dollars in medical expenses each year? If you live in a qualified zip code, you may be eligible for a Medicare Supplement plan. These special plans are available to those in qualified zip codes in Pennsylvania.

The Rules Are Changing

There was a time when the only way to find these plans was to call each insurance company one by one in Pennsylvania, and then you would have to decide from there which plan to enroll in. This means calling a lot of different companies. Now all of this confusion and work is not needed. Thanks to MedigapPrices, you can view all the available Medicare supplement plans in one place, and simply choose which one to enroll in.

Local insurers and agents aren’t too thrilled seniors are learning about this simple rule and have been trying to keep it a secret… BUT  Pennsylvania seniors couldn’t be happier

You must compare plans. Don’t even begin enrolling in a Medicare Supplement plan without starting with this. Looking at recent Medicare studies, we really couldn’t believe how many seniors are paying for a Medicare Supplement plan that doesn’t provide them with
full coverage. With MedigapPrices,comparing plans is a quick, simple, and free. Their exclusive network of the best insurance companies, and 120,000+ agents helps Pennsylvania seniors save serious money on their medical bills.

Just enter in your zip code, and explore exactly what’s available to you. You could save thousands – not bad for clicking a mouse or tapping the screen, right?

Are There Plans In Your Zip Code?

Just enter in your zip code, and explore exactly what’s available to you. You could save thousands – not bad for clicking a mouse or tapping the screen, right? Due to the current economic and public health climate, insurance companies may implement stricter guidelines soon. Act now to save up to 100% on medical expenses.

Thousands of Smart Seniors Have Saved Big Thanks to MedigapPrices.Com and You Can, Too!

Over 1 million satisfied seniors increased their coverage and their savings thanks to MedigapPrices.Com. So many in fact, that it became the #1 fastest growing insurance company on the Inc 500. It’s really no wonder that with the amount of seniors saving money on their medical expenses, MedigapPrices is gaining momentum. MedigapPrices seems to be the most efficient way to give consumers access to the Medicare Supplement plans that have the best coverage at the lowest cost.

Here’s How You Do It:

  1. Enter your ZIP below to find available plans in your area
  2. Confirm some basic health and location information to view your available Medicare supplement plans.
  3. Put money back in your pocket every year!

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1 - This applies to Medicare Supplement Plan F. If you were not eligible for Medicare before Jan 1, 2020, you will not be able to buy one of these plans (