Resources to Help You During Tough Times

As more and more Americans become affected by the closures of businesses, lack of financial stability, and overall lack of affordable housing, times can get tough. There is no certainty as to when life will resume as normal which can mean there will be a huge problem for your finances. However, you don’t need to feel as stressed because you now have found resources that can help you with this situation!

1. Financial Resources

    Since there is a lack of financial stability, and bills are still due. Also as grocery stores are lacking supplies, many Americans are needing to buy in bulk which leads to a cycle of unavailable groceries and supplies like toilet paper and cleaning supplies. However, there are financial assistance options available that can get you money into your pocket asap!

    2. Affordable Housing Resources

      Now that your finances are under stress, you may realize the toll your housing costs are taking on your budget. The Department of Housing and Urban Development classifies housing as affordable if it is 30% or less of a person’s income. Anyone who spends over 30% is considered “cost-burdened”. These “cost-burdened” individuals may be starting to feel the weight of all the housing expenses and want to look into affordable housing options. Whether you want to view affordable housing options nearby, or receive immediate section 8 assistance, there are resources available to you.

      Don’t let the current state of the country take a toll on your finances! Regain control by utilizing the resources available.