Government Opportunities for Free Money

When people are in stressful times, they may not be able to see their situation clearly. They may miss opportunities that provide free assistance for whatever issue they are facing. This is a list of government assistance options that may be able to help:

1. Unclaimed Money

This isn’t a type of assistance, but rather a way for you to see if you are due any money. Whether you missed a paycheck from an old job, lost a savings bond, didn’t receive unclaimed benefits, or any other scenario where you are due money, you can check and see how much you may be owed. The National Association of State Treasurers can help you find out what money of yours is waiting to get claimed. You can also go online and search for it yourself.

2. Down Payment Assistance

Many potential homebuyers don’t realize all of the different types of down payment assistance there are. People can save thousands of dollars by avoiding a down payment all together! If you aren’t looking at a $0 down payment assistance program, then you can still look into other options that can help you pay for your down payment so you don’t have to put as much money upfront.

3. College Grants

The government offers educational grants of up to $6195 to qualifying students. This free money is special because unlike a loan, it doesn’t need to get repaid. You don’t have to deal with the stress of making sure you pay back a large sum of money, and you can make your education more affordable. You can see how much money you are eligible for by filling out a Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA). Another benefit to this free government money is the fact that from application to grant, the whole process is free!

4. Utility Bill Assistance

There are many programs to help low income individuals cover the cost of bills. Two of the main programs are the Lifeline Program and the Low-Income Home Energy Assistance Program. The Lifeline Program offers phone and internet service at a discount. The Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program assists qualifying households to cover the costs of heating and cooling. Each state has its own eligibility and grant restrictions. If you are interested in any of these assistance options, then make sure you see what rules are in place for the state you live.

5. Child Care Assistance

When you start dealing with childcare, it is hard to grasp how expensive this cost really is. According to American Progress, the average cost of home childcare was roughly $800 a month and the average cost of “daycare center” childcare was roughly $1,230 a month. The government recognized how expensive these costs were and created the Child Care and Development Fund. This program is designed to assist qualifying low-income families afford childcare that they need. Each state has its own rules, requirements, etc., so see what is available by contacting your state!

Be Cautious

Even though there are numerous ways that the government can provide free money to Americans, there are also many scams. People will take advantage of those in need and promise fake grants that require payment. They may do so through ads, emails, or even other social medias. Just make sure whatever you look into is legit by contacting the state to confirm!